Get your
news out in
3 easy steps

Generate Publicity with the World's #1 News Release[1]

It’s simple. You write an announcement about your organization – a new product launch, current promotion, a local team sponsorship - whatever. We get your news distributed to every major news site and search engine on the web, and in front of consumers and journalists.

Create Your News

Write Press Releases

Every organization has news that will interest potential customers. With PRWeb, you can quickly and painlessly share your news.  Plus, we're here to help. We'll give you  tons of tricks, tips and tools to help you create the perfect announcement in minutes. Never written a release before? No problem.

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Distribute Your News

Distribute Press Releases

As the world’s number one news release service1, we send your news to major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. We send it to 30,000+ journalists and bloggers. We deliver it to 250,000+ PRWeb opt-in news subscribers.  And we host your news release on, which receives over 3 million visitors each month.

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Track Your News

Measure Publicity

Detailed analytics let you see the immediate impact of your online news release. You’ll learn how many people read your release, where it was picked up, how many times it was shared, and where your prospects learned about your business. Best of all, you can see it all in an instant.  Want to see a sample report?

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