The NALA Uses Cision PR Software to Establish Unique Client Base


For over 30 years, single-agency PR firm the NALA and its sister company, STARKART, have provided small- and medium-sized businesses multi-faceted services to help clients reach audiences through traditional and digital media. The NALA offers press release writing and distribution, PR campaigns and co-branding charity opportunities — plus additional services including directory, social media and reputation management.

This California-based firm provides the same PR and marketing services as larger firms, but gears those products toward the needs of the local business, targeting its specific audience. Consequently, the NALA needed to find a solution that would increase efficiency to compete with the competition as well as support its big-picture mission to serve clients across a multitude of industries, including insurance, legal, real estate, food and beverage, construction and medical.

“We needed to find one reputable company that we could trust to help us distribute press releases and create essential reports to take the guesswork out of a client’s results,” says Tiffani Tendell, press manager at the NALA.

Garnering national coverage for their clients wasn’t the only goal. Since the agency’s clients vary by industry, size and region, coverage in specific niche publications, special television programs and hyperlocal radio programs remained important.

“We have clients all over the country, from coast to coast, throughout the Midwest and the South, as well as international clients,” Tendell says. “We needed a central distribution center for our press releases as well as an accurate media database to pull from, so that we could pitch to those hyperlocal media outlets.”


The NALA aims to maximize clients’ visibility, personalize outreach efforts and prove campaign success with tangible results. To meet these goals, the agency turns to Cision’s media database, press release distribution, including PRWeb, and media analysis reporting services.

“A big reason why clients want to distribute press releases is because they know that when someone refers them, the first thing a person will do is Google them. The reputation that PRWeb has online, especially in regards to boosting visibility on major search engines, made it clear that partnering with Cision was the right choice.”

— Tiffani Tendell
Press Manager

Many of the NALA’s and STARKART’s clients also partake in its Charity Branding program and seek to highlight the volunteer or fundraising efforts to get more people on board.

“When someone reading a press release sees a business doing good or giving back to the community, they want to learn more and they want to get involved,” Tendell says.

Press releases are only one part of the services formula the NALA offers its clients to boost their media coverage. Local media outreach and consistent follow-up is equally important to a campaign’s success.

“Cision’s media database allows us to locate those key journalists for each of our clients’ cities, industries and news, making sure that our clients’ press releases are sent to the right people. We have a competitive edge by acting as a personal publicist to these smaller businesses.”

— Tiffani Tendell
Press Manager


The NALA’s clients have garnered television appearances and radio interviews, earned mentions in major local print and online articles and received an influx of donations for charity drives.

“From one single press release, we had a company who handles celebrity award gift bags contact us about our client. Ever since, we have had clients and their products featured in their swag bags for the big award shows,” Tendell says.

Cision’s reporting aspect has also been instrumental in helping the NALA grow, and gives its clients an idea of who is interested and reading about their news.

“When clients understand more about their press releases, where it’s been and who is seeing it, then they always want to do more,” Tendell says.

Over the past five years, the NALA expanded its reach and has grown its overall client base. The key to such success all comes down to having every tool needed to support client goals in one place.

“With so many clients within industries located in various communities throughout the country, we needed to work with the world’s largest media database and best press release distribution service for our needs, to keep our unique edge.”

— Tiffani Tendell
Press Manager

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