3. Measure the performance

Comprehensive reporting makes it easy to demonstrate ROI

It’s only news if people know about it. 

PRWeb provides comprehensive reporting to make it easy for you to calculate ROI and optimize your communication strategy. Detailed analytics let you see the online impact of your story.​

It’s powerful. And it’s simple.

Online Pickup

Monitor for online coverage​

Follow your release across our partner websites. We make it easy to measure the digital footprint of your content. We’ll provide a complete breakdown of the potential audience, media type and the specific industries that posted your content online.​

Traffic Details

Track and measure online views​

Get a bird’s-eye view of the total amount of traffic generated by your press release. We provide a comprehensive analysis of release views, search visibility, multimedia engagement and traffic sources to provide a clear picture of your message’s impact.​

Audience Data

Pinpoint audience location​

Where is your message resonating? An interactive map will break down the specific locations of your audience to provide insights on how you’re building awareness in your target markets. And because the internet has no borders, we’ll even capture the interest garnered globally.​

Engagement Metrics

Track audience engagement​

Your press release performance is not complete without measuring engagement. Gain valuable marketing metrics like click-through traffic and social media shares to demonstrate how your content is building awareness and generating demand.​