What's New

Learn about the latest enhancements and features for PRWeb.

PRWeb, the world’s #1 news release service, was founded on a simple principal: to help clients achieve visibility.

Over the years, this commitment has been fulfilled through a variety of channels: Search, RSS, Web syndication and most recently, social media. We are the highest-rated release service for SEO and our releases are the most socially-shared in the industry.

On our way to the top, there have been some major changes to the ways in which people produce, consume and share content. Search engines have changed the way they analyze content; social media continues to grow and impact other online spaces; and the Internet has grown more personalized and local.

To ensure we continue to fulfill our commitment to you, we are pleased to showcase the a newest elements of PRWeb, designed to fulfill all your content distribution needs in a rapidly changing environment.

Here’s what you can now expect with PRWeb:

Social Sharing

social-sharing-lgAs social media continues to grow and shape the way people communicate, it has become more important than ever to integrate your content marketing and social media activities. All PRWeb customers will now have access to a feature-set that allows them to synchronize their PRWeb distribution with their social channels; receive more social traction for their article through highlighted sharing widgets; and even increase their followers by promoting their own social profiles on their release.

Local Reach

preview-local-distroAccording to a recent study by Pew, nearly three quarters of American adults follow local news. To help you reach this massive local audience, we’ve partnered with one of the largest media organizations in the US, Hearst, and added a total of 200 local media sites to our distribution network.