Energetic Solutions: Super Easy Online Visibility

Energetic-Solutions-logoLorain Danus has a little more energy in her small business step.   The PR specialist for Sheevaun Moran took PRWeb up on an offer to test-drive the news release distribution service.  She liked the results.

While Energetic Solutions, is partly a product company and partly consultancy, it’s also a small business that’s 100% focused on energy – the energy to “help create a difference in the lives and health of individuals, families, and businesses.”

Danus is always looking for ways to build online visibility for Sheevaun and Energetic Solutions. Press releases looked promising, but the services she had previously tried were disappointing.

“We’ve tried some of the free guys and just didn’t see what we wanted,” said Danus.

When HARO offered its subscribers a chance to take PRWeb for a free spin, she jumped at the opportunity.  Sheevaun wrote a news release – Leading Authority in Energy Healing Launches New Site – and Lorain got to work loading it for distribution.  She added hyperlinks informational links, uploaded photos, inserted the Web site in the iFrame at the bottom, and embedded a YouTube video in the release.

“It was super easy – no need for customer service, it literally took 10 minutes,” said Danus. “The tool is very easy to navigate, very intuitive and it made perfect sense.”

And the results?

Energetic Solutions’ PRWeb news release received more than 100,000 impressions, 650 page reads, and 35 interactions – that’s 35 people who thought enough of the release to share it, forward it or in some way take action on the content.  However, the most impressive results were in online visibility, which counts appearances on sites like Yahoo! News, and Web traffic to Energetic Solutions’ site, which increased 20% over the first four days after they published the release.

“The most rewarding thing to me was seeing the Google and Yahoo! Pickups,” Danus said. “Our release was featured on sites relevant to our topic and that had our target audience in mind.”

Sheevaun was so pleased with the results that she posted this note to HARO’s founder on Twitter.



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