Auctions For A Cause

2,000 Reads, 100 Posts to Twitter

logo_auction_cause“Customers are more loyal to businesses that do good things.”   So says Eric Gazin and with good cause.  Gazin is the president of Auction Cause, a Los Angeles-based cause marketing agency.

Auction Cause works with corporations, celebrities and non-profits to promote auctions in order to raise money for charities.  The company is unique because traditional, marketing, branding and fundraising campaigns aside, Auction Cause incorporates an e-commerce twist:  its auctions are conducted on the eBay platform, the largest e-commerce platform in the world.

Gazin says that some of his customers care more about the cause, while others care more about the product or the experience.  In either case, the competition drives up the price – and what goes to the charity at the end of the day.

Driving Traffic to AuctionsAuction-Cause-Search-Results-Large

To help get the word out, Auction Cause turned to press release provider PRWeb.  “We saw a corporate client using PRWeb for an auction, observed the wide pick up and it seemed like an industry standard,” said Gazin.  “We’ve played with free press releases services, but they simply did not generate the same exposure and we had delays in getting releases published.”

Gazin says he finds PRWeb’s iFrame helpful, because it allows him to lead PRWeb readers to his auction page on eBay.  This is important because Auction Cause measures results in terms of page views and bids on their auctions.  Gazin says he sees a consistent correlation of increased Web traffic within 48 hours of issuing a PRWeb news release and estimates those releases drive a 20 percent increase in bids.

One key benefit that helps Gazin drive value is the fact that PRWeb news releases are hosted on indefinitely and indexed by search engines.  Because his firm writes professional looking news releases and uses the right key words, his news releases often drive residual traffic.

“We get traffic days, weeks, months or even years later,” said Gazin. “Sometimes people aren’t interested in the specific auction we are promoting, but if they find our release through search and visit our auction page, they might see something else they like.”Auction-Cause-Back-Tweets-Large

Cause and Effect

While bids for their auctions are the primary objective, Auction Cause also says PRWeb releases have several other beneficial outcomes.  For example, one release the firm published announced a charity auction of tickets to a Taylor Swift concert and the opportunity to meet singer. The release received nearly 2,000 page reads, was posted to Twitter more than 100 times, earned a placement in Yahoo! News, and received wide attention from the blogging community.

“We use PRWeb to launch our social media efforts – the release is always the lead announcement about our cause marketing or charity auction event,” said Gazin. “Then the Tweeting starts, the interaction with fans on Facebook, and of course we tap our own newsletters and Vocus PR system.”

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