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See how other software and technology companies are using PRWeb news release services to build online visibility and announce new products and features.

APE-BridgePath Press Release

Merger Announcement

iYogi Press Release

Special Customer Support

The tech market is one of the fastest moving markets out there.  To get your business, your software and your technology in market before your competitors and top of mind with product reviewers, consumers, bloggers and journalists you need PRWeb.  You can create a release in minutes, and distribute it all across the web – on news sites, industry blogs, and through social media channels, to get the word out fast. Results are often within hours.

Ideas For Your Next News Release

  • Announce a new product or feature
  • Highlight industry trends or survey data
  • Promote your presence at an upcoming tradeshow
  • Announce technology advances
  • Announce a new customer win


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