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DIY Plumbing Solutions

DIY Plumbing Solutions

Barry's Ridgewood Auto Body Press Release

Local Offers & Promotions

Business and local company promotions used to be relegated to phone book and local newspaper advertising to get the attention of the prospects in their neighborhood.  Not anymore. PRWeb gives the ability to generate buzz and attract more local customers using the Web.  Have a new sale? Sponsoring a local youth sports team? Send a news release targeted to your local and regional area to attract the attention of local media and potential customers. All at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Ideas For Your Next News Release

  • Announce promotions or a sale: Mother's Day Sale, Labor Day Sales or Clearance
  • Promote an in-store event or grand opening
  • Announce a new product line or service
  • Spotlight a local sponsorship

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Malibu Boats increased their website traffic by 30% and was featured in top industry magazines.

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Sponsoring a local team?  Write a release.

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