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When people are interested in a new book, the Internet is their research and shopping destination. In a few minutes they can find topics, authors and titles. They can find -- and write -- reviews, and share what they like across social media channels. By distributing a news release about your new book or a new author, you can potentially reach millions readers online instantly.

Ideas For Your Next News Release

  • Announce an upcoming book tour or book signing
  • Highlight a great review
  • Promote a new author
  • Announce inclusion on a best seller list
  • Spotlight a book signing

The week since my Press Release went live, I have received just over 200 downloads to my ebook.

Paul Wilson, Author

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Janet Meiners Thaeler's book, "I Need a Killer Press Release - Now What? A Guide to Online PR" highlights PRWeb as a key area to use for marketing on the web.

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