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Can’t Get Enough Food Network? Get the Behind-the-Scenes “Dish” on


Riverside Area Community Club

Original Series Star Trek Stars to Appear at TrekFest XXV

When people are interested in music or other forms of entertainment, the Internet is the preferred shopping destination. In a few minutes, you can develop a publicity campaign strategy designed to reach millions of fans by sending a PRWeb news release. Your campaign ideas could include announcing a new album, showcasing a review or promoting a tour date.

You can even include images and video in your release to help your fans feel like they are getting the “inside scoop”. Best of all, PRWeb news releases last forever online and cost a fraction of traditional advertising.

Ideas For Your Next News Release

  • Promote a new album release
  • Announce upcoming event dates and schedule
  • Highlight a great review
  • Announce an premier
  • Promote new actors and artists
In part, the PRWeb analytics has enabled me to better quantify public relations results. This is helpful when communicating the value of PR to management, for example, I can definitively report to the CEO that, 'We got X number of impressions.'      

- Eric Haley, Vice President of Communications,
Pizza Fusion

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