How To Write A Company Boilerplate

The last section of a news release should be a “Company Information” boilerplate.

A company boilerplate is a standard description of your business that can be used on each online press release that you publish. As with the body of a news release, this segment should be written using the third person and in a factual, journalistic style. Be sure to use relevant keywords and provide a link back to the company website.

It’s important that the company information statement be written from an objective point of view. Think about the best way to accurately describe what your company does and what makes your business unique without using sales-oriented language, adjectives, or opinions that are open to interpretation.

Accuracy is also essential, and your boilerplate may need to change over time. Review this important part of your news release documents to ensure that it’s current every time you publish a new release. It will need to be updated regularly if you provide numerical information such as number of employees, number of office locations, revenue, and other facts that change frequently.

Avoid including editorial statements that are not verifiable facts, such as assertions that your company’s products or services are “revolutionary” or “extraordinary.” Instead, provide a general overview of the products or services the company provides, what consumer groups the organization serves, where the business is located, when it began operations, and other descriptive details that can help readers develop an understanding of what the business stands for.

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