Why You Should Use A Quality News Distribution Service

Are you wondering why it makes sense to use a paid press release distribution service when there are so many places you can publish information online at no cost? It’s a good thing that you’re asking that question now, because making the wrong decision about how – and where – to publicize your company can have a significant impact on your organization’s image and bottom line.

Advantages of Quality News Release Distribution

  • Visibility: The best way to get your news releases included in top news search engines is to distribute them via a quality news distribution site that the search engines index regularly. When your news releases are included on these types of sites, the potential for exposure grows exponentially.
  • Branding: When your company’s name is associated with a reputable news distribution service, people in the industry know that you’re serious about marketing your products and services in an effective, responsible manner. That’s why partnering with a leading online news site can be a great way to build your brand.
  • Credibility: Many free press release sites publish just about anything by anyone who knows how to click a mouse. As a result, these sites aren’t viewed as credible by many consumers, reporters, and industry leaders in the online community, as well as search engines. If you want your news releases to be taken seriously, you have to rely on a respected online press release distribution service to convey your messages.

Boost Credibility with Quality News Release Distribution

Do you want people to take your news releases seriously? In this age of publishing-on-demand, consumers and journalists are very particular about the sources of any information they receive. If your news releases aren’t distributed through a trusted resource, there’s a good chance that they won’t be given a second glance. That’s why using a well-known and respected newswire submission service should be an integral part of your public relations strategies. People simply pay more attention to news releases that are distributed through established news distribution channels than those that are published in other ways.

The PRWeb name can go a long way toward attracting the attention of the very people you’re trying to reach with your marketing messages. After all, decision makers and reporters are bombarded by information daily; it’s only natural that they would gravitate toward reading—and using—information from names they recognize and that are known for providing quality content.

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