What Is a Brand and How Press Releases Build One

Your brand is how people see your business and a major reason they choose to buy your products and services.

When it comes to online brand building, press releases are a hugely powerful tool. Whether promoting success, announcing important news or managing a crisis, press releases allow you to communicate directly with your audience and amplify positive perception of your business.

Here are four ways press releases help you build your brand:

1. Gain visibility

As marketing lore goes, Ivy Lee created the first ever press release in 1906 and The New York Times published it verbatim.

While a publication like the Times likely won’t publish a release word for word these days, that shouldn’t be the barometer for success.

The Internet has eliminated the media barrier that once filtered news. Online press releases allow you to speak directly to your target audience—even if they’re unfamiliar with your brand.

No longer do people turn to traditional media first. They use search engines to find the specific information they need, the moment they need it.

This means your press releases can help a prospect when they need you most.

2. Share your news

From the days of Ivy Lee to now and into the future, the purpose of press releases is to provide timely, newsworthy and targeted content.

Check and double-check your messaging to ensure the content is correct. Then, target your press releases to the appropriate publications and specific audiences.

Vocus’ online press release allows you to deliver your press releases to the publications and audiences that care most about your news and brand.

3. Create familiarity

The longer your brand provides regular, reliable information, the more loyalty and trust you will earn from your target audience.

What’s the value of trust? A 2012 study showed that a wireless provider could make an extra $1 billion in incremental revenue by being a trusted company.

The survey accounted for increased recommendations, greater loyalty and the higher likelihood that people will buy from a trusted company.

4. Amplify successes

A major media hit or prestigious award doesn’t guarantee everyone will see your news.

Keep the momentum of your success rolling by promoting the promotion with a press release. This will help deliver your news to your target audience and potentially get picked up by other publications.

The Flottman Company used a press release to turn an appearance in The New York Times into publicity on CNBC and in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

5. Feed Branded Search Results

Have you you ever looked up a company in search engines and noticed all their social profiles in the results?


Publishing press releases and building social profiles for your brand can earn you additional listings in search results pages; allowing your company to dominate for brand-related keywords. Going a step further, PRWeb allows publishers to connect their press releases with their Google+ profile which adds additonal benefits by putting profile image next to your press release in search results.

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