Using Keywords Effectively in News Releases

While selecting the right keywords to use is an important part of press release optimization, it’s also important to use the terms and phrases that you select properly. While experts disagree on what the exact formula should be for writing a truly optimized release, there are a few tips that everyone should follow when publishing news releases online.

3 Tips for Effective Key Phrase Usage

1. Avoid Keyword Stuffing. 

Don’t stuff every phrase that your customer base might possibly be looking for into one release. Focus on one—two at the most—key terms in a news release. If you’re trying to drive site traffic based on several key phrases, it’s better to come up with multiple news releases that you can distribute over a period of time, rather than stuff a number of different key terms into a single document. If your news release doesn’t flow naturally—which it can’t if you have too many keywords stuffed into it—it will come across as “spammy,” which can cause it to lose its appeal to both consumers and search engines.

2. Avoid Excessive Repetition of Key Phrases.

When you choose a key phrase to focus on in a news release, you’ll want to use that term a few times in the document. What you need to avoid, however, is sounding repetitive by using the same word or phrase over and over. Doing so may cause search engine spiders to interpret your content as spam. Instead, use the key phrase one time in the headline of your news release and up to three more times in the body of the document (assuming it is between 300 and 800 words).

3. Write for Humans.

Remember that the ultimate consumers of your content are human beings. While it’s important to use keywords appropriately so that search engines understand what your news release is about, it’s even more important to make sure that the content you publish reads well. This means making sure that it’s well-written, accurate, and free of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Being at the top of search engine rankings won’t do you any good if the people who read your news releases don’t find the content to be trustworthy or appealing.

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