Use Your Content Marketing To Nurture B2B Relationships


B2B success today relies upon a unique formula. You’ve got to have good products or services, competent management and the ability to nurture relationships with consumers and business partners. The challenge becomes how to create and maintain connections with people who are up to their ears in busy lifestyles. The answer – content marketing.

The good news is that the culture of the online arena is built upon the human desire for connection. One look at Facebook with its 800 million members engaging with their pals 24-7 can tell you that. So no matter who you’re relationship building with, you’ve got the luxury of having an audience willing to engage.

The trick is, nurturing that engagement.

To make sure you’re hitting all the bases, check this list of 5 nurture-perfect content marketing tips:

1. Take The Social Media Plunge

You may have been hesitant to take your B2B marketing to social media because you’re unsure of exactly how it will boost your brand but there are countless great examples of B2Bs who took the social media plunge and enjoyed powerful results.

For example, the research firm Forrester maintains a strong presence on twitter through a stream of compelling tweets that alert followers to new studies, invite them to engage or offer a plethora of resources.

2. Invite Friends To Speak

Ever been to a cocktail party where you didn’t know a soul? You can always depend upon the ice breaker of asking about a person’s job or family to get the conversation rolling.

The same holds true for online relationships. There’s a reason nearly every blog in existence asks readers for feedback. It’s that content marketing ice breaker.

You can take that philosophy further by asking opinions from your followers on your status updates, tweets, and of course amidst all the forum discussions in which you are participating.

3. Stay In Touch

As a nurturing standout, you can’t beat email marketing. Dollar for dollar it provides among the highest ROI around — $40 for every one spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

And when you’re talking nurturing even email marketing jargon brings up warm fuzzy feelings of connection – each reach-out is known as a touch.

Email campaigns are the bread and butter of content marketing. You can provide relevant, valuable and compelling information suited specifically for your audience.

4. Share Your Opinions

Think of all the buying choices your B2B customers have. If their decision comes down to choosing between you and your competitor, what will sway them to your brand? One essential element is your credibility in the marketplace.

To build a reputation as an industry leader, find all the places your B2B consumers are frequenting to find answers to their questions. They may be joining industry groups on LinkedIn or following thought leaders on Twitter. Join the discussions by sharing your knowledge and experience in the conversations that focus on your business.

You can also delve into issues through your blog and on your social media pages to show your audience that you care about and are well-educated on the topics that influence your industry.

5. Provide Solutions

At the heart of all successful content marketing is the factor that your message isn’t ego-centric it’s buyer centric. You should demonstrate that you understand the unique problems your B2B customers face and you are committed to solving them.

A 2011 study found that more B2B tech buyers are turning to digital collateral to research brands and get answers to their questions. You can offer your solutions through a number of different digital avenues such as:

  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Podcasts and Webinars
  • Video

Spread your message through a variety of channels and you’ll expand your influence throughout the digital marketplace.

Think of content marketing as your line of connection with future customers and business partners at that virtual cocktail party. They’ll be more likely to hang out with you when you nurture the conversation you started.

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