Social Media Survival Kit for Small Businesses Part 2

How To Compose A Multimedia Press Release

‘Cover, cutting tool, combustible, cordage and container.’ These are the 5 c’s of survival, commonly shared by survivalists Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundeen on the Discovery channel program ‘Dual Survival‘.

The underlying idea between the 5 c’s is to look at the few assets you have in a survival situation in a different way. A string from a boat motor, for instance, is no longer just a string – but a tool for catching a fish or tying together a campsite.

In much the same way, the assets you have on hand – some you may not even have considered adding to your release – could easily become the multimedia components that help your content survive the online wilderness of the social SEO forest.

In part 2 of our Social Media Survival Kit for Small Businesses below, we’ve got five tips for composing a multimedia press release:

1. Understand That An Interactive Experience ‘Covers’ Everything


Today’s press release is far removed from a single piece of paper faxed or hand delivered to your audience. Courtesy of online press release distribution sites, today’s press releases distribute to an audience of millions within seconds, and carry with them interactive experiences.

From inclusion of images and videos, to podcasts and hyperlinks, multimedia press releases are three-dimensional interactive experiences. When done properly, the story of your release can enter a reader’s mind through sense of sight and sound, rather than simply through printed words on a page.

If you are seeking a holy grail that will ensure your messaging resonates, you needn’t look much further than interaction.

2. Use Images to ‘Cut’ Through Your Copy

press-release-imagesLong sections of block copy, regardless of how well written, appear as work for the reader. And unfortunately, if work is a requirement to read online content, the online content in question will oftentimes not be read.

Break up copy in a multimedia press release by using strategically placed images that support your concept. These images could range from basic (think your company logo, or a jpeg of your product or service) to the more complex (think graphs and pie charts that tell your story at a glance, or scrolling photo galleries.)

The inclusion of images gives a richer feel to your content, helping your multimedia press release cut through the sheer volume of competition online.

3. Embed Video To Make Your Content ‘Combust’ and Come Alive


If each picture is worth one thousand words, the value a video – made up of thousands of individual image frames – borders on astronomical.

An embedded video, timed at 1 – 3 minutes, will do more than just grab the attention of your reader. Instantaneously, your story transforms from two dimensional words on a piece of paper (or computer screen) – to a three dimensional story complete with a storyline, characters and imagery. This is what audiences remember, and this is how your message becomes combustible in the mind of the audience.

Fortunately, many press release distribution sites offer multimedia press release capabilities, including the ability to embed video directly into release copy.

4. Social Media is The ‘Cord’ that Ties us Together


Today’s stories travel at the speed of social – and trust us – the speed at which a social network can communicate news is a rate that puts sound and light to shame. Tying your multimedia press release into these networks is one of the surest ways to ensure your messaging will resonate throughout large swatches of your target audience.

During and after distribution, help your multimedia press release travel socially by linking it to a variety of social media services that allow users to read and rate your content. And remember to bookmark your release to social sites, including Delicious, where your audience gathers to freely read – and better yet – share, content.

5. ‘Contain’ Your Release In the Best Channels


Not every press release distribution site will be supportive of multimedia press release components. Prior to distributing your release, ensure the channel you select will be supportive in sharing the three dimensional story you are working to put together.

Just as a tree falling in the forest will not make a sound, unless we are there to hear it, our videos and images will not be seen in the forest of social SEO unless distributed by a channel that will support them.

In part three of our Social Media Survival Kit for Small Businesses, we help you build relationships with the other residents of the social SEO forest as we share How to Build Relationships With Bloggers.

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