SEO-Friendly Press Release Headline Tips

When you skim a website or even a newspaper, it’s the headlines that help you decide which articles you want to take the time to read. The same can be said for search engines. The headline is the first part of a news release that gets indexed, so it’s essential to convey the most important idea of the document in the introductory statement. If you want a news release to “catch the attention” of search engine spiders, the headline has to be written with keyword optimization in mind.

5 Tips for Effective SEO-Friendly Release Headlines

  • Select a relevant highly searched term or phrase to be the primary keyword for your news release.
  • Place the primary keyword near the beginning of the news release’s headline.
  • Keep the SEO-friendly news release headline to eight words or less.
  • Ensure that the headline accurately summarizes the content of the news release.
  • Repeat the primary keyword two and four times in the body of the document.


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