Writing A Quality Press Release

Write To Impress

While it’s very important to make sure your online press release efforts help boost your company’s search engine rankings, it’s also essential to consider what happens after people stumble upon your news releases.

news-publicity_1In other words, don’t forget that you’re not just writing for search engines. Effective press releases are targeted toward both search engines and readers. After all, getting your information in front of Internet users is only half the battle—the content has to keep their attention (in a positive way) and make them want to click through to your site and learn more about your company.

This is why quality is so important when you’re publishing news releases online. When writing a press releases, use a professional writing style and make sure that the content is clear and likely to capture—and hold—the attention and interest of your audience. Remember: everything that is published by or about your company, online or otherwise, affects the organization’s image and reputation.

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