Press Release Templates: A Great Time Saver

grader-smallThere’s no reason to start from a blank page every time you need to get the word out about something that’s going on at your company. Instead of starting from scratch every time you need to craft a release, spend a little time now creating and saving press release templates that can be used as a starting point the next time you need to write promotional materials for your organization.

Setting up news release templates doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

  • Simply review good examples of a press release and apply the formatting guidelines to create your own Word document template files.
  • Create separate template documents for each of the various types of news releases that you’re likely to publish regularly, and you’ll have a head start when it’s time to create your next company news announcement.
  • Organize your templates so they’ll be easily accessible when you need them. Create a folder for your news release templates and use file names that will make it easy for you to identify what each document is, such as “template_new_hire” or “template_holiday_sale.”

When you have a set of news release template files saved on your computer, you’ll have a head start every time you need to write a promotional announcement. Open the appropriate template file and fill in the blanks with the details specific to whatever it is that you need to promote. Use the “save as” command to create a new file for the release you’re writing to leave the template file intact for future use.

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