PR and Marketing Practices That Still Work

Ways to Look Forward While Looking Back

With technological changes that are continuously challenging our marketing mixes, many of us marketers may feel like we can’t keep up. Despite all of these changes, a lot of the fundamental marketing practices still work. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a topic and reinventing the way you deploy it, or as easy as retooling your news.

Check out these 3 PR and marketing practices that still work and might be just what you need for your news distribution.


1. Repackage your content.

Just like shampoo manufacturers who change only the bottle, your content can benefit from repackaging. Consider these ways to freshen up tried and true content:

  • Find video from your company archives and repurpose it into video press releases
  • Retool press releases about specific industry topics into an ongoing series of weekly news briefs covering advancements in products and services
  • Create blog posts based on prior customer feedback
  • Adjust the look/feel/format of email marketing campaigns based on customer feedback

In addition, consider what content you can take mobile. Revamping content by making it mobile gives more opportunities for prospects to access it.

Repostion the competition

2. Reposition the competition.

Give consumers a new way to view your product. Before becoming the “uncola”, 7-Up was just another soft drink competing against the big cola companies. Remind audiences that although you may offer the same products as your competition, your product stands out from the crowd.

Social media is a great way to share why your product or service stands out. Create press releases and other content to encourage followers to find your differences. Then invite them to share, tweet or like those differences. You can offer special rewards to encourage participation.

Follow how your competitors position themselves by “listening” via RSS feeds, following their social media streams and getting on their email lists.

reconnect-with-customers3. Reconnect with customers.

Once you’ve gone through the process of establishing relationships with prospects and converting them into leads, don’t stop there. Use the traditional favorite of special events to:

  • Show appreciation to established customers
  • Introduce new products
  • Strengthen your ties to your local community through philanthropy

Engage prospects searching for answers to problems by hosting Internet forums to deal with specific questions. By building on a “thread” (a single conversation), you can initiate discussions and create relationships.

Don’t forget to say “thank you”. If a lead ends up becoming a sale, continue the connection with emails providing subsequent offers. Every touch adds to your reconnection.

The old tricks of the trade work for a reason. By tweaking them and giving them a digital touch, you’ll build both your audience and your brand.

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