Measuring News Release Effectiveness

Showing a binder filled with newspaper clippings can rarely be tied directly to business leads or sales.  As more small businesses and public relations professionals begin using the latest technology to connect with prospects, customers and create buzz around their brand, powerful measuring tools that can show the benefit of sending press releases and how that simple practice can translate into:

  • Driving website traffic
  • Uncovering leads
  • Generating sales

Small business owners need to see how social media can impact their bottom line. Public relations specialist need to show the C-suite just how an online press release can generate revenue results. Perhaps even more important, you need to know how to retool your efforts so that you can genuinely see the benefits of your labor.

PRWeb offers the following tools to measure news release effectiveness:

  • Full-Page Reads: Find out how many times Internet users viewed the full news release
  • Headline Impressions: Learn how many times the headline of your news release was viewed
  • Comparison Data: Compare the performance of multiple news releases to get a clear picture of what types of content perform best for your organization
  • Search Engine Hits: Keep up with the search engine optimization (SEO) impact of your online PR efforts by monitoring the keywords and phrases searchers used to find you
  • Geography: Track full page reads by geographic location
  • Executive Summary: Compile key analytics into a comprehensive executive summary that can be used for evaluation and decision-making purposes
  • Media Deliveries: Each PRWeb news release is categorized and sent directly to thousands of relevant journalists and media outlets through email, RSS and a direct Associated Press (AP) feed. Media delivery presents a detailed list of the specific media outlets where the PRWeb news release was distributed.
  • Online Pick-Up: Once it has been published on PRWeb, the news release will be syndicated on various Web sites like Yahoo! News and Topix. The online pick-up report will show a listing of different Web sites where your news release has appeared.
  • Visitor Interaction: See what visitors do once they view your news. It includes click-through data, prints, forwards, PDF downloads and how many times visitors interact with the your site, which is embedded within the PRWeb press release.
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