How To Distribute Effective News Releases

Here are some quick tips for making your news releases effective:

  • Headlines should be no more than 80 characters in length, including spaces
  • The optimal length for a news or press release is between 300 and 800 words
  • Blog posts should be reformatted into traditional news or press release style to be effective
  • Limit the number of Web page links in your news or press release to one for each 100 words
  • Using industry jargon in your news or press release is fine, as long as you include samples and definitions that will help those outside the industry understand

Here are some examples of announcements that will make for effective news releases:

  • Reaching an organizational milestone, such as 5 years in business, is a good reason to send a news or press release
  • Did your organization or product win an award? That’s a great reason to send a news or press release
  • Is your business expanding? Send a news or press release
  • Launching a new product or service? A news or press release can help get the word out

Rest easy. The PRWeb editorial staff reviews all news or press releases before they go live; they’ll work with you to assure you’ve written an effective news release.


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