How to Add Google Authorship to Your Press Release

Anyone who works in digital marketing knows things move at a pace that’s simultaneously stimulating and frustrating. One day a best practice delivers the best possible results. The next you’re penalized for it and lose a large hold of your site authority. One way to ensure credibility, as well as float along with a concrete best practice, is to use Google+ Authorship.

For those unfamiliar, Google+ Authorship is something you’ve probably already encountered. If you see someone’s picture next to a link within search results, that’s because of Google+ Authorship. Authorship verifies that the information posted comes from a specific person in an industry, as opposed to a content farm churning out material for SEO ranking or backlinking. Ultimately, the benefit goes to both the author and reader. This even applies to press releases.

Because Authorship verifies the identity of the author, the article, blog post or release is given higher authority on a Google search for keywords found within the content. Anyone who uses the Internet knows the benefits of having your content show up closer to page one of a relevant search.

The fact that Authorship verification comes from Google+ means that it directly interacts with Google. It is rumored that links posted to Google+ once Authorship is established are indexed and appear in search faster than those that aren’t. This might seem like an unfair selection bias based on the fact that Google gives preference to those who use their social media, but its intention is noble.

Here is how you can link Google+ Authorship to your PRWeb account and start reaping the benefits of this new system:

  1. Go to the “About” section of your Google+ Profile.
  2. Identify the section labeled “Contributor.”
  3. Input the URL address of a site that you’ve contributed to — this includes PRWeb. Make sure that the name on your Google+ account appears EXACTLY as it does on the post/article/release you’ve done.




The final step is how you link this directly to your PRWeb account:

  • In PRWeb, where you craft the text of your release, click on the Google+ box:google_plus_prweb
  • You will see a box pop up like this one. Add the URL of your personal Google+ profile:

  • Double check that is listed in your contributor’s section on your Google+ account. This should link the profiles and start providing you with Google+ Authorship.

The social media verification additions to PRWeb allow for much easier Authorship interaction, and PRWeb is the only wire service doing this.

Press releases should never be viewed as a singular digital marketing plan. They should be incorporated as a multi-armed creature with a singular and focused purpose/campaign. The Authorship tool is a crucial and advantageous addition to your arsenal.

By Eric Davidson 

© Copyright 2017, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC