How Can a Press Release Help to Get Publicity?

What is a Press Release?

A press release, or news release as it is also called, is a short article written in a factual way, avoiding sales or advertising language. The purpose of the news release is to provide journalists, bloggers and consumers an overview about something interesting and newsworthy about your product, company or organization. This can include announcing product releases, new services, team members, new offices and expansions or charitable contributions. In fact, the topics for press releases are endless.

What does a press release cost?

Press releases are inexpensive to prepare and distribute, especially compared to the price of print or online advertising – which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even local papers typically charge several thousand dollars. For less than a few hundred dollars, you could receive better, more comprehensive coverage than paid advertising.

Generating Publicity

When members of the news media write a news story based on a press release, free publicity is being generated. If reporters find the release newsworthy, your story can show up not only in one major news publication, but several of them. Your story can get picked up on news talk shows and carried on major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. If you are looking to publicize in local markets only, releases can be directed to those local publications and your news could be picked up by local newspapers by reporters who cover your particular industry. For instance, if your organization has just released a product to help school children develop better study habits, the local education reporter might contact you to write a story about your product.

Press releases are also helpful for global publicity too. The Internet has been very instrumental in helping news to travel greater distances in a short amount of time.

Added Benefits for Sending a Press Release

Another advantage to news releases is that there is always demand for new information and angles for news stories. All news organizations, including magazine editors, broadcast, and industry specific editors use press releases to develop the bulk of their published news stories.  From a consumer stand point, editors who report on your news release are considered disinterested parties, meaning that your announcement was chosen because of public demand for relevant and useful information. This third party credibility usually provides added strength to news stories that paid advertising does not get.

To sum up, the benefits to sending out news releases include:

  • low cost
  • increased visibility for your company
  • high demand for press releases
  • added credibility for your organization
  • new customers
  • new investors
  • free publicity

When the media or bloggers write about your news release, the free publicity generated provides added credibility and value to your company or organization.

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