Don’t Play Content Marketing Roulette - Success Is a Matter of Timing


As the science of understanding social media becomes increasingly sophisticated, we’re learning more things about humans in general. A recent Cornell study illustrates this. By examining two years of tweet patterns scientists found that people really do live lives of ebbing and flowing moods.

What does this mean to your content marketing? Just this – the words spoken 500 years ago by Japanese solider Miyamoto Musashi when discussing the elements of battle apply today in content marketing, as well — “All things entail rising and falling timing. You must be able to discern this.”

To give your wonderfully crafted piece of content its best chance in the social media sphere, consider these timing truths:

  • Blog Readers Moods Are Generally Higher In The Mornings
    After examining two million tweets of people from 84 countries, this fact stayed consistent across the board – people generally experience mood bumps about breakfast time. So start your readers’ days out right with engaging content they’ll take in more happily at the beginning of the day.
  • Post Dinner Mood Elevations Give Added Boost To Your Tweets
    In addition to the breakfast mood bump, people also consistently enjoy mood elevations just after dinner time — a Kissmetric infographic The Science of Social Timing corroborates the chances of tweeting success at this time. According to the infographic, the optimal retweet hour is 5 p.m., leading us to suggest that dinnertime tweeting is perfectly acceptable (as long as it’s not done at the table).
  • Weekend Mood Shifts Benefit Facebook Posts
    No matter what combination of days make up your weekend – Saturday and Sunday or even Thursday and Friday — if you’re like the millions followed, your happiest moments are two hours later in the morning and evenings. Researchers believe this reflects the universal human desire to sleep later and stay awake longer on weekends.
  • Content Can Benefit From Happy Spring Fever
    Credit circadian rhythms for this fact. As the daylight hours increase, so do our happy moods. Put your content marketing in spring mode to take advantage of this change. Address the topics that springtime brings to mind such as improvement hints highlighting your products or positive news about your brand.

Audiences across the globe have specific times of improved mood and that includes you. Tap into the natural patterns of positive energy and use your high mood times for inspired output. Not only will readers appreciate your content more, you’ll most likely have more fun creating it, as well.

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