Press Release vs News Release: What’s the Difference?

Traditional Press Releases: OUT – Online News Releases: IN!

Press releases used to be written by public relations professionals exclusively for the media. The media (primarily huge news conglomerates and major trade publications) would then determine what would interest their readers, and/or was ‘fit to print’. The editor, publisher or producer had the final say – end of story.

Today companies can gain better control of how their news is distributed, thanks to the online news release, one of the most important marketing tools your company can possess.

With online news releases companies don’t have to send news releases only when big news is happening, and only to journalists. They can appeal directly to buyers and most importantly – your news can be used to drive people into the purchasing cycle.

Now organizations are able to use their news to build online visibility, increase rankings in search engines and appear on highly trafficked news sites. Regardless of company size or budget, PRWeb can help you to reach the people you want to reach, whenever and wherever they access the Web.


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