Content Marketing: 5 Must-Haves For Your Online Newsroom

content marketing
It used to be that only PR pros in a crisis had to worry about news dissemination at all hours, but now all marketers should be ready to dash off news at the drop of a hat.

Is your content marketing up to speed in the 24/7 news world? If not, creating an online newsroom for your company can help you become a digital player who doesn’t just paddle to the wave after it’s broken, but instead rides the crest before the curl breaks.

Include these five must-have elements for your online newsroom:

1. Up-to-date contact information.

Your corporate newsroom should have contact information for not only your company spokesperson but also everyone who is a possible PR contact. This should include email addresses, cell phone numbers and even Twitter handles.
In addition, each piece of information you send to journalists or media outlets should have the details for your main contact at the top of the communication. You can also provide a standard paragraph at the end, repeating contact information for your key spokesperson.

2. Current images/profiles for executives and company spokespeople.

If you receive a request for a blog post written by your CEO, have his or her image and profile information ready to include with the copy.
Corporate profiles aren’t the only ones that need caretaking. Make sure you’re updating professional Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other social profiles as well.

3. Stock video for immediate uploading.

If your company manufactures drilling rig rescue equipment and a hurricane is hitting the Gulf of Mexico, you can be ready to provide information and images to news-hungry outlets.
This can be a key planning area for your online marketing strategies. How many different possible news events could relate back to your business? Plan ahead so you can be relevant at a moment’s notice.

4. Lists of important journalists.

Building relationships can mean the difference between being covered and ignored. You should create such relationships with busy journalists, bloggers and editors by:

  • Following them on Twitter
  • Providing feedback and resources on their blogs
  • Crafting content geared specifically to their niche
  • Meeting them at seminars, conferences, trade shows or other events that showcase your industry

You want to be able to connect to the online news room in as many ways as possible through as many outlets as possible. Forming valuable relationships with journalists connected to the places you want to be can help you get to those places more easily.

5. Relevant content.

Any newsroom is only as valuable as the news it produces. Keep your content marketing fresh and relevant so it can be at the ready when an event occurs.
Keep your newsroom up-to-date with:

  • Press releases
  • Recent media coverage
  • Events
  • Compelling content that relates to your company’s core messages

If there is news happening, and there is every second, you have an opportunity to connect your brand or products to trending topics and be a key resource for information-hungry audiences. Keep your newsroom ready and you’ll build a reputation as a resource available any time day or night.

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