Choosing the Right News Angle for Your Press Release

Do you want to get maximum exposure when you submit press releases online?

It’s up to you to find unique ways to present the facts about your company and attract attention. Follow these news release writing tips to get the type of exposure you’re hoping for.

10 Ways to Find Newsworthy Angles:

  • Current Events: Look for positive ways to relate your company to topics that are making news headlines.
  • Event Timing: If you’re publicizing a special event, be sure to submit your releases in plenty of time to be indexed by search engines well in advance of the big day.
  • Fresh: Look for a new way to present the information you’re promoting.
  • Impact: Focus on how the information will impact readers, rather than just on the basic facts.
  • Innovation: What can you share that has not been done before?
  • Prominence: Can you get a quote from a celebrity or someone who is recognized as an authority in a related field?
  • Relevance: Clearly convey why readers should be interested in the information in the news release.
  • Seasonality: Look for news angles that tie into current or upcoming seasonal activities and events.
  • Time Sensitivity: Is time running out for people to act?
  • Unusual: What about the information you want to share is out of the ordinary?

Ask the Right Questions to Find the Best News Angle

Need to find an interesting angle for your news release writing efforts? Sometimes the best way to pick a news angle for a press release is to take a step back and look at your company with an eye toward identifying what’s going on that could be considered newsworthy and that would be of interest to people whose attention you’re trying to capture.

10 Questions to Ask When Looking for a News Release Angle

  1. What does your company do that’s truly innovative?
  2. Has your company or any of its employees been recognized with a major award?
  3. Is a company representative scheduled to speak at a conference?
  4. Has one of your employees recently published a book or whitepaper?
  5. Can any of your products or services be described as “new” or “improved”?
  6. Have you hired new people in key positions?
  7. Is the organization about to add a new product or service to its offerings?
  8. Are there social issues making headlines that can be tied in positively to what your company does?
  9. Are there interesting industry trends that your customers could benefit from learning about?
  10. Has your company conducted a market or industry survey that revealed interesting information?

Need More News Release Writing Inspiration?

Here are some news release sample topics to give you inspiration:

  • Awards received by company or employees
  • Charitable organization donations
  • Contests sponsored by the business
  • Free seminars or webinars
  • Hiring new employees
  • Launch of a new website
  • Innovative uses for existing products
  • New product introduction
  • Opening a new branch or office
  • Participation in community events
  • Promotional giveaways
  • Relocation of company operations
  • Seasonal products and promotions
  • Special events hosted or sponsored by the company
  • Results of studies or surveys conducted by the organization
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