5 Press Release Writing Tips to Drive Results

press release results
One of the most effective marketing tools for increasing visibility for companies, both large and small, is by distributing press releases.

Press releases or news releases are designed to motivate journalists or a target audience into taking an action.

There are various formats that lend credibility to your press release and the content within; but we recommend the following five tips to help your release catch the attention of journalists and audiences searching online.

1. Write in a newsworthy style.

The content within press releases can sometimes go too far toward touting a product/service rather than explaining the new features/benefits and the problem they help to solve.

Knowing this, editorial staffs are often wary of pieces that sound too promotional — as is anyone who finds the content.

There’s no harm in explaining why your product/service excels in the market place if it’s backed up with facts, customer quotes or links to more detailed information.

Celebrate your news with enthusiasm, but avoid turning off the reader with endless boasting.

2. Brevity is appreciated.

Most editors and writers have little time to read, in detail, the mounds of information that can pile up in any given day. To attract a response, be brief and lead with the most important details first.

General information about the company, history of the product line and company quotes should be toward the end.

Lead with the most compelling information first to draw attention. The additional background information can be delivered later via links to a Newsroom, follow-up or visiting the company website.

3. Think like a reporter.

Press release language should be professional and speak the language of journalists you are trying to target.

As journalists continue researching online, and within social channels, you need to ensure your press release content is optimized for phrases that are pertinent to stories for which they are conducting research. If your headline leverages nothing but the company and product name, it’s unlikely a journalist is going to find you via more general searches.

4. Research before you write.

Writing press release content is a bit like going on an investigation. First, identify trends or industry happenings that you can leverage to make your message more relevant and timely.

If you sell fitness equipment, for example, look for statistics on how exercise enhances length and quality of life. Once you’ve shared important information, you can more easily make the connection as to why your product deserves some time in the spot light.

5. Use all content opportunities.

Too often, the content opportunities for press releases are not used to the fullest advantage.

Ensure your release includes a headline, subhead, body copy and the boilerplate or the “about us” section.

Within the content, be sure to hyperlink key phrases to relevant content on the website which can help the reader find more information about the topic, download more information of find contact information for story follow-up.

In addition, consider including images, video or files to enable the reader to access content within different formats.

News release writing may seem like a foreign language if you are just getting started, but leveraging the 5 tips above will help you break through the clutter and more quickly engage the reader.

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