3 Tips to Draft Head-Turning Press Release Headlines

press-release-headlinesA press release can be one of the most effective marketing tools at your disposal whether you’re trying to reach journalists, prospects or both. However, without a head-turning headline, the message you so carefully crafted may never get noticed.

Once you write a great body of newsworthy content, it’s critical to extract the most important or compelling idea and use that to create a headline which will ensure someone stops, takes notice and continues reading.

This means spending more than a few seconds to produce the perfect headline. Follow these 3 Tips to create head-turning headlines:

1. Grab the Reader’s Attention:

A striking headline must communicate your subject matter instantly and convey why the content is new and interesting.

Start by writing several headlines and then combine the best of each, re-work and simplify so what remains is no longer than one sentence.

Create curiosity, offer expert advice, appeal to their emotion or invite them to join your bandwagon.
Such as: Be One of the Few to Always Write the Perfect Press Release

To keep the creative juices flowing and understand exceptionally written headlines, look no further than the check-out lane at your local supermarket. Magazine Editors are among the best at sparking a reader’s interest in 3-5 words

2. Use Sales Psychology:

Employ the “which of these” technique. Ask your reader “which of these do you want?” rather than “do you want?” This helps lead them toward having to answer yes to one of the options, as opposed to saying ‘No’.

Ensuring the reader is invested quickly, increases the likelihood that they continue reading and find the Call-To-Action within the press release.

Don’t forget to tap into your reader’s innate desire to find the next big thing or the secret to success that they’ve been searching for. Use phrases like “How To” or “3 Secrets” Such as: Five Skills To Write a Great Press Release – Which Do You Possess?

3. Be Specific:

Tell readers exactly what they can expect from reading the press release. Will they learn how one company tripled its inquiries OR how to take advantage of frequent flier miles.

Whatever the topic, try to engage the reader with numbers / facts with which they can relate and see themselves benefiting from. Details allow a reader to assimilate themselves into the story and become motivated to act.

Such as: Save More than 30% on Groceries by Becoming a Coupon Aficionado in 3 Easy Steps
Compare this headline to a more general one such as: Save Money on Groceries with Coupons

The latter press release headline isn’t giving the reader anything they don’t already know. Most are aware that coupons will save money; the question is how to make couponing worth the effort.

The more detailed headline accomplishes 2 things:

  1. Indicates how much the reader can save
  2. Overcomes objections of time vs. savings by indicating ‘3 Easy Steps’

There are hundreds of great examples of compelling headlines that you come across every day, whether on the front of a glossy magazine, a billboard or the cliff-hangers that keep you watching a news program.

Take the time to understand what attracted you about those headlines and leverage that in your press release content.


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