3 Press Release Ideas You Can’t Do Without

There are few things more daunting than having to create exciting, compelling content day after day. Luckily, there are loads of resources to inspire marketing creativity. However, even the most interesting topics can land like duds if they aren’t presented professionally.

That’s why it’s worth remembering these 3 press release ideas you can’t do without:

1. Perfect Isn’t Just Acceptable, It’s Essential

You may not have control over how readers respond to your content, but you do have control over how it’s presented. Few things hurt your credibility more than simple grammatical errors.

Don’t just rely on a one-time click of your auto spell check button as your safety net. Check the document again and recruit another set of eyes to determine if your content fits the grammatical bill.

2. Metaphors Can Be Messy

So you start off comparing your industry to sky diving. You’ve begun the metaphor with a catchy phrase, such as before you leap into the social media sky, be sure your rip cord of relevance is handy.

It’s a clever connection to the reader’s imagination – one that will hopefully keep them interested. Before you go on to add falling, landing and fear references, ask yourself or someone else if you’ve stretched the metaphorical parachute too thin (we couldn’t resist).

In addition, take care not to mix your metaphors within one piece of content. The reader will be less inclined to stay with you if you jump from sky diving to deep sea fishing.

3. Active Is Everything

We’re not talking about your lifestyle here; we’re focusing on the use of active language. You want to entice readers to read beyond your headline, so do it with compelling words. Follow these simple tips to spice up your content:

Use active verbs rather than just relying on the old standby variations of to be:

  • Change “XYZ’s road bikes are proving to be consumer hits” to “Consumers can’t get enough of XYZ road bikes”

Shorten sentences by saying more with less:

  • Change “People shouldn’t wait to visit our tax service locations to prepare their taxes” to “Get a jump on your taxes at our 7 locations”

Incorporate emotional language to tickle our ears:

  • Change “Credit card users are losing billions each year to fraud” to “Credit card fraud steals billions each year from our pockets”

Don’t back into sentences, use direct language:

  • Change “While the statistics which reflect mobile usage in the U.S. are growing rapidly” to “U.S. mobile usage continues to explode”

Have you ever watched a presentation where the speaker nearly bored you to sleep? Don’t do the same to your readers.

If you find content that really grabs your attention, use it for inspiration. Does it motivate you? Make you laugh? Startle you? Incorporate those elements into your own content and then read it all over again. If you don’t find your press releases captivating and interesting, your audience won’t either.

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