Press Release Content Ideas

Press release writing today bears little resemblance to the practice of even just a few years ago during the age of traditional public relations. The voracious appetite of Internet users makes it essential that companies find the best content to create press releases consumers care about and that can keep the company name top of

Doing so requires frequency and frequency requires new, compelling content to be created.

There’s no doubt about it. The latest info-cliché holds true: Content is King.

You may have engaged in enough brainstorming sessions to sink a ship but are you still coming up empty for new ideas? When all else fails, go back to basics and put a fresh spin on reliable topics. Consider these three ideas for press release content:

The basic staple of press releases hasn’t changed. You need to get information out on the latest news about your products and services – press releases are some of the best tools to do it.

Fresh tip: Find a current event or trend (such as thinking green) that ties into your product and link the two. When you position your information as newsworthy, readers will appreciate it more and you’ll see the results by experiencing greater views and ultimately site traffic.

2. New research

Online shoppers come to the net in a variety of buying stages. Some are just beginning their initial search for information about an industry or product, some want to be educated and others are ready to buy.

Fresh tip: For those that are craving information to help them make an informed buying decision, give them what they want by either creating research on your own or tying into the latest surveys and statistical data. Explore white papers, webinars and videos and ebooks that may touch upon your subject. You can even sneak a peak at your competitors to see if they are sharing new research in their materials.

3. New offers

There’s nothing like the promise of a deal to get consumers’ attention. Use new offers such as free shipping on certain products to keep happy customers engaged and potential buyers motivated.

Fresh tip: Create a series of “good news for you” press releases that detail all the ways you’re making it more attractive for shoppers to buy your products.

Thanks to search engines, small businesses have never had as much access to exposure as they do today.

This parity across the web means even the smallest operations can get big results with wise online marketing. No matter what content topic you choose, be sure to create an SEO friendly press release that can help you move up the search results page.

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