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Who Will You Reach with Online Press Release Distribution?

Are you wondering how to get your company's news in front of the right people at the right time? Whether you're trying to reach consumers who may have a need for your company's products or services or you're seeking exposure to bloggers or reporters looking for content to write about and publish, your best option is to rely on an online news release distribution service to publish your company's important news items.

When you use an online press release distribution service for your releases, you'll enjoy exposure to every important segment of your target audience.

  • Consumers: With quality online news distribution, each news release you publish will go live on your distribution partner's website, where it will be indexed by the major news search engines and have a positive impact on your website's search engine optimization.
  • Journalists and Bloggers: Your news releases will be distributed to interested parties who have subscribed to the distribution service's RSS feed and through major consumer and business-to-business-news wire services as appropriate.
  • Industry Leaders: With a news distribution service, your news releases also get a chance to be seen by individuals with an interest in learning about what's going on in your market segment through a combination of search results and distribution via industry publications.

Break Through the Clutter

How can you make sure that your news releases stand out? Whether you're fighting for search engine positioning or battling to catch the eye of journalists and bloggers, it's essential to make the information that you want to publicize stand out from the rest. If you want your news releases to get the attention—and credibility—they deserve, it's in your best interest to publish them via a reputable online news release distribution service.

When you publish your company's important information via a press release service, the document earns instant clout in the world of search engine marketing. Why? Because having your information published on a high-profile website can positively impact your site's position in search engine results. People also tend to assign a higher level of credibility to information they read on high-profile, established websites.

That’s only the beginning of how online news distribution can help you break through the clutter. Your releases will also be indexed by major news search engines, ensuring potential exposure to many consumers, reporters, and bloggers. Your information will also go out over many major and niche newswire services, which means that it will be delivered right to the desktops of people who are interested in the type of information you're sharing. Not only that, news distribution services actually have subscriber-based RSS feeds, allowing you to get information in front of people who are actively seeking news and information updates on a regular basis.

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