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What’s Your News Release Distribution Style?

What's your news release distribution style

We live in a culture of dichotomy these days. For example, on one hand America struggles with the problem of overeating – more than one third of us qualify as obese. And yet eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia continue to rise as people find new ways to starve themselves.

Where does "just right" come into play?

The same can be said for news release distribution. Many small business marketing pros are on a restrictive diet when it comes to news release distribution. Yet because they are skittish about sending out news releases, they miss opportunities for media coverage.

So what is "just right" when it comes to news release distribution?

Aristotle gave us a good guide when he suggested, "Seek moderation in all things." Good advice that works in eating and small business marketing.

Here's how you can achieve success through moderation in your news release distribution:

  • 1. Decide What's Shareworthy – Ever been in a room with a parent and their new baby? Mom's over exuberance for everything from baby's fingernails to burping can be mystifying for non-parents. To the uninitiated or unrelated, such information is just not shareworthy.

    Take a look at your topic and see if it passes the shareworthy test:

    • Does it provide value to readers?
    • Does it encourage engagement with your brand?
    • Does it build your brand image in a positive way?
  • 2. Create A Realistic Editorial Calendar – Yes you should have a regular news release distribution schedule but how many releases does that include?

    Every brand is different of course. If you are constantly adding new products or updates to your inventory, a regular update news release may be smarter than singular releases announcing every new addition.

    If you have an important new hire, acquisition or project, by all means announce it. For example, a law firm that specializes in class action suits in Minnesota sends out a news release with each new suit they sign on to represent.

    Add in seasonal releases and you may have a calendar of nearly one release a month. Once again, ask the question does this really merit media coverage?

  • 3. Determine If You Can Share Your News In Other Ways – Perhaps your new how-to series can be part of your blog, or your latest survey can be shared via your social media channels.

    If you don't want to send out every news release on a massive scale, using social media with links back to your release on your website newsroom can be a viable alternative.

    If your news gets positive buzz, a follow-up news release honing in on the topic that attracted the attention can be distributed for further reach.

Moderation is the result of self-discipline – something both your eating habits and small business marketing can benefit from. If you haven't yet started, begin your practice in news release distribution moderation now.

For more information on how to create effective news releases, check out our learning center article, 6 Press Release Ideas For PR Pros To Build ROI.

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