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Writing a Press Release for Viral Marketing Campaigns

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is about encouraging customers and other people to actively spread the word about your organization. For example, if you publish an e-newsletter that has really valuable content, subscribers are likely to forward it to their contacts, who may in turn choose to subscribe. With PRWeb's online news releases, embedded social bookmarking links make it easy for readers to quickly and easily share content that catches their attention via their online networks. As others become interested, they're likely to share links as well, resulting in the potential for virtually limitless exposure.

When people share information about their experiences with your company, they play a role in creating positive word-of-mouth advertising for your business (assuming that the experiences they choose to share are positive). Simply hoping that customers decide to spread the word on their own isn't enough. Effective viral marketing campaigns have to be based on quality, appealing content that gives customers a reason to want pass on information about your company to their friends and contacts; it's also important to make it easy for them to do so.

Are you ready to incorporate viral marketing techniques into your ongoing social media and promotional efforts? There are many things you can do to get people talking about your organization.

Best Practices for Using News Releases in Viral Marketing Campaigns

  • Attention-Grabbing Headlines: Make sure the headlines of your news releases are likely to "reach out and grab" the attention of readers. The language should be vivid, bold, and convey that the document contains information that's worth reading (and sharing!).
  • Unique Angle: Publish news releases written from a truly unique perspective. People aren't likely to share links to content that can be found anywhere. Think fresh, innovative, new, and improved when coming up with angles. When people come across interesting information that's new and different, they're more likely to tell others about it.
  • Focus on Benefits: If you want people to pass along your marketing messages to their friends and colleagues, make sure the information you publish will benefit individuals in your target audience and their contacts. People aren't going to pass along descriptions of product or service features; however, if you can spell out how your product or service can truly benefit them (by saving time or money, for example), then they might just be motivated to share.

Current Event Tie-Ins Boost Viral Marketing Potential

Want to generate a viral marketing buzz from your online public relations efforts? Make it a habit to look for ways to tie in current events to your company's products and services. Look at the types of stories that are making headlines and come up with ways to link what your company does to related issues. That'll get people talking! After all, the more relevant the information you publish, the more likely readers will be motivated to share it with their social networking friends and contacts.

3 Examples of Viral Marketing Current Event Tie-Ins

  • Environmental Responsibility: Is there a way that working with your company can help clients incorporate green living principles into their daily lives? Attract attention by saying: "Small changes do matter. Reduce your environmental impact and make a difference with XYZ product.".
  • Seasonal Appeal: Does your company offer a product or service that would be a perfect gift for the person who has everything? Consider this angle: "Take the stress out of holiday shopping with XYZ product from ABC Company."
  • Economic Difficulties: Can your product line benefit people who are looking for ways to make the most of their money? Consider a headline like this: "Need to reduce your budget? Find out how XYZ product can help you save money without sacrificing quality."

Content Ideas with Viral Appeal

Are you wondering what kind of content has the greatest potential to generate viral marketing benefits? Stop and think about what types of content people are likely to want to share with their friends and colleagues before you publish your next social media press release.

4 Tips for Creating Social Media Press Releases with Viral Appeal

  • Entertainment Factor: People like to laugh. If you can find an appropriate way to incorporate humor into your online public relations efforts, you'll greatly increase the chances that people will want to spread your message to their peers.
  • Emotional Appeal: Headlines and news releases that tug at the heartstrings of readers have huge viral marketing appeal. Think about what you can promote that will warm the hearts of individuals in your ideal customer base and use a related angle for your release.
  • Impact Factor: Provide interesting or surprising facts that are likely to have a significant personal or professional impact on people in your target audience.
  • Keep Them Guessing: People love contests and games. Consider launching a series of news releases with clues that readers will need to gather in order to be eligible to win some type of prize. If the contest is fun and mysterious, you're likely to attract engaged participants who'll encourage others to play.

Use Multimedia for Viral Appeal

To maximize the appeal of your online public relations efforts, it's important to include multimedia in the news releases that you publish. Research indicates that graphic and video elements greatly increase the appeal of online content. By including images and embedding video in the news releases you publish online, you're greatly increasing your chances of attracting and keeping the attention of readers in your target audience.

Why is including multimedia so effective? Images attract attention, which is half the battle when trying to compel readers to consider your news releases. Also, if the content in your release is of high quality, people who find it interesting are likely to view an included video. If the video is engaging, odds are good that they'll share it with their contacts (make this easier for them by including social bookmarking links).

Another benefit to including multimedia in news releases is that it gives you the opportunity to engage different segments of your target audience. Not everyone takes in their news or other content in the same way—some people prefer to read their news, while other people would prefer to watch videos or follow infographics. The more media you include, the broader your reach.

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