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Small Business Marketing Tip: Map Your Twitter Followers

Map Twitter Followers

The Internet is an interesting place. It's a virtual Central Park where everyone can gather no matter where their actual locations. While it's tempting to imagine that your small business marketing audience is gathered together in one huge cybernetic place, the truth is they are more likely spread throughout cities, states, regions and even countries.

Wouldn't you like to know where they really are? Now you can, at least when it comes to your Twitter followers.

Tweepsmap is the newest small business marketing toy to give brands a better look at where their audience is hanging out. With the touch of the button, “Analyze and Map My Followers”, you can get a real time view via a list, chart or interactive map.

Think of it like a small business marketing videogame.

TweepsMap Expand

Now you can better understand how your audience breaks down from a geo perspective. At a macro level you can view audience size from country-to-country, or dive deeper into a more granular view of how your local audience maps out city-to-city.

Understanding where your largest concentration of followers exists can also be the foundation for revamping your small business marketing efforts to build a following in places that lack a sizeable audience.

Analyzing your followers can also provide a more specific understanding of when it's best to send out your tweets. A recent Kissmetric infographic illustrates the science of timing your tweets and Facebook updates for better success.

The infographic shows that 80% of the U.S. population is in the Central and Eastern time zones. It also points out that the highest retweeting activity occurs at 5 p.m. Eastern time, so this is a good time to post your own tweets.

But what if you have an audience on the West Coast or Hawaii? The Tweepsmap can help you determine when best to tweet to reach all your followers. Then you can utilize such tweet distribution tools as Hootsuite, Timely or Buffer to bundle your messages and send them out at the time you know your followers will most optimally receive and share them.

Another great thing about Tweepsmap is that you can share the information you've gleaned about your audiences via your own tweets. Perhaps you can create a contest between your local markets, tracking and sharing the results and providing rewards for the most retweets, for example.

The more you know about your audience, the better prepared you'll be for success. Have you used Tweepsmap or other tools to get a better handle on your virtual marketplace? We'd love to hear your experiences. Join our cyber discussion and share your thoughts here.

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