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Small Business Marketing: Are You Fishing In The Right Pond?

Fishing in the right Small Business Marketing Pond

Tips On Targeting The Right Audience

The waters of the Internet can be difficult to navigate if you don’t know where your prospects are congregating. The Internet is full of ponds that cater to specific audiences and oftentimes require unique fishing techniques.

Small business marketers today just have to know which pond to fish – and use the bait that will yield the biggest catch.

While it may be tempting to throw out a big net and hope to drag in your preferred catch, the savviest marketers know that focusing on the correct social channels, connecting to the right audience and leveraging tools such as press release services means they are more likely to attract their ideal prospects through a targeted approach.

So, once you’ve decided to include press releases in your marketing mix, check these three tips to create tastier bait for those prospects hanging out in preferred ponds:

1. Do use anecdotes to flavor your bait. Since the days when people traded stories for food around the fire, humans have been drawn to good storytelling. Tap into this inherent trait by adding anecdotal evidence into your content.


  • Provide specific customer examples


  • Give real problem/solution scenarios


  • Tie your products into examples of how your industry is making buyers’ lives better

    Use anecdotes to communicate otherwise bland statistics and facts. When you connect with memorable stories, audiences are more likely to remember your details, too.

    2. Don’t assume everyone knows your angler language. Stray away from overusing jargon. Just because prospects may be somewhat familiar with your industry, doesn’t mean they know all the technical terms that make up your corporate vocabulary.

    If you want to use your specific "industry speak" provide audiences with definitions and links to words they may not be familiar with.

    Be careful to avoid jargon when describing your products. Your descriptions should be palatable for shoppers just beginning their search as well as those who’ve bought from you in the past.

    3. Do set your hook with the right content bait. If you are fishing for cutthroat trout in Yellowstone, you’ve got to use spinner lures that sparkle and attract, rather than leaded fake worms that sink into the bottom of the pond.

    The same holds true with your content. The better you understand who makes up your target market, the more effectively you’ll offer content that attracts them to your brand.

    You may be sending news releases throughout the digital marketplace to general outlets but have you considered niche websites that appeal to your prospects more specifically?

    When you do find those audiences, be sure your message matches their needs, i.e., don’t create content about mountain bikes for a niche site that caters strictly to long distance cyclists.

    Ultimately, while the size of the pond may matter in how much bait you use, it won’t do you any good to waste your efforts fishing in the wrong pond.

    Do your research beforehand and use press release services to create and distribute targeted content - you’ll reap the reward of a wicker creel basket full of fresh prospects.

    Have you found new ways to bait your hook or find the perfect pond? Share with us your best fishing hole secrets!

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