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Proofread Press Releases in Four Easy Steps

Everything that is published about your company—both online and offline—plays a role in creating its image. Before you submit an online press release, proofread the document carefully. If it has errors of any kind, your efforts to build your business through promotional writing can backfire and result in more harm than benefit. Some people find proofreading tedious - but here are four steps you can take to make certain your press releases are professional.

Proofing Tips for News Releases

1. Verify Facts: Publishing erroneous information in a news release can damage your credibility as a professional and can cause people to distrust the organization you represent. When writing press releases, be certain that you can verify every detail that is included. Highlight each item that can be verified as a fact, and assure each one is correct.

2. Check Grammar: Check carefully for grammatical mistakes. Even if the content of a news release is strong, grammatical errors in the published document can cause readers to question the validity of the information provided. Sometimes reading your press release out loud can help you find areas that do not flow correctly or that have grammatical errors.

3. Proof for Spelling: Remember that spelling errors make it through spell check programs every day. The fact that your word processing program didn't catch a spelling mistake doesn't mean that there is not one (or more!) in your press release. Check spelling carefully when proofreading to avoid sending a negative message about your company and your abilities. One easy tip for checking spelling - read the document from the end to the beginning, looking at each word - that keeps your brain from "auto-correcting" an error.

4. Use a Second Set of Eyes: It's always a good idea to ask someone else to proofread your news releases before you publish them. It's usually easier for a fresh set of eyes to catch mistakes than it is for the author to find them.

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