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How to Make Your Press Releases Stand Out

With so many companies publishing news releases online, it's important to figure out how to make your news stand apart from that of other companies offering similar products and services.

4 Writing Tips for Exceptional Press Releases

  • Write a Compelling Lead: It's the quality of the lead statement that will determine whether or not people will bother to read your entire news release. Pay careful attention to the lead, being certain that it is phrased in a way that will compel readers to want to learn more.
  • Use a Fresh Approach: Don't write "cookie cutter" news releases that are too similar to other information published online. Regardless of what you're trying to promote, spend some time coming up with a fresh angle before you begin writing.
  • Speak to Audience Needs: People are only likely to read online press releases that provide valuable information that meets their needs. Before you start writing a news release, define the target audience you're trying to reach and write the content with the needs of that group in mind.
  • Convey Relevance to Readers: Don't assume that people who land on your news release via an online search will automatically know why they should spend time reading the document. Ensure that the language in the release conveys the relevance of the information to target consumers.

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