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PR Pros to Follow on Twitter

PR Pros on Twitter

Twitter is a great place for learning, especially for people who work in the marketing or public relations fields. Thought leaders in these industries have fully embraced this particular social media platform. As a result, there are plenty of people on Twitter who readily and willingly share valuable, insightful information on PR, content marketing, social media and more. These tips and data used to be available only to people who knew people, but now you can learn first-hand from the best.

Who should you be following? Read on to discover the top eleven PR experts you should be following on Twitter.

1. Bill Stoller – A PR veteran for 25 years, Bill helps others get their share of publicity. He has worked with some large clients like Coca-Cola and Hasbro, as well as many smaller ones. He knows so many inside tricks for promoting brands that he has become somewhat of a walking publicity encyclopedia.

2. Paul Hartunian – Paul is an authority in the PR space who has shown tens of thousands of people how to use free publicity to get leads, make sales, grow businesses and potentially even become celebrities. Using his publicity methods, he became the first person to actually sell the Brooklyn Bridge. His techniques require no special skills and little or no money.

3. Deirdre Breakenridge – Deirdre is a PR professional, author, speaker and owner/CEO of Pure Performance Communications, a marketing communications agency. She literally wrote the book, two actually, about PR 2.0. She freely shares her knowledge on social media, blogging and other content marketing strategies businesses can use to increase engagement.

4. Dorothy Crenshaw – Dorothy Crenshaw is the founder of creative PR firm Crenshaw Communications. She has provided the inspiration and initiative behind a range of high-profile and award-winning campaigns. An industry influencer, Crenshaw tweets frequently on brand-building, marketing to women and workplace topics.

5. Barbara Rozgonyi – Chicago-based strategic marketing consultant Barbara Rozgonyi founded CoryWest Media, LLC in 1990 and the wiredPRworks publication in 2006. She shares ways to grow business, build brands and connect communities though content marketing, social media and public relations. She even founded Chicago’s Social Media Club chapter in 2009.

6. Lee Odden – As CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, Odden is a veteran internet marketer who has consulted for leading B2B companies. He is frequently cited for his search and social media marketing expertise by leading publications including The Economist and Fortune Magazine.

7. Mary Lower – Mary Lower is an accomplished public relations professional with 18 years of experience and a diverse communication skill set. She has worked in public relations, media relations, and investor relations for agencies, corporations and freelancers. Mary provides a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to share with her Twitter followers.

8. Dan Janal – Publicity expert, author and speaker Dan Janal has written six books, including one of the first ever about Internet marketing. His works have been translated into six languages and he has spoken to audiences around the world. He has made several lists of PR people to follow on Twitter and was named one of the top 50 personal branding experts on the Internet.

9. David Meerman Scott – David is a marketing speaker and the bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, World Wide Rave and Real-Time Marketing & PR. David's popular Web Ink Now blog and hundreds of speaking engagements give him a unique perspective on how businesses are implementing new strategies to reach untapped markets.

10. Alan Weinkrantz – For over 25 years, Alan has helped clients sell their visions and stories to the media, thought leaders and the blogosphere. In addition to teaching very traditional PR methods, he helps followers become successful content producers and curators. His style blends art, science, method and tried-and-true experience.

11. Valerie Simon – In addition to being a public relations columnist and freelance writer, Valerie Merahn Simon serves as a senior vice president at BurrellesLuce. During her 14-year career in the media services industry, she has worn many hats and learned many lessons, which she eagerly shares with her followers on Twitter.

12. Adam Singer – As Lewis PR’s social media practice director, a marketing speaker, blogger and creator of, Adam Singer provides online marketing and social media PR strategy for top brands spanning a wide array of industries.

The people listed here are some of the top public relations pros that you should be following on Twitter. Every day, they share valuable information from which you could learn on public relations, content marketing and more. Perhaps some of their words of wisdom could inspire you to become one of our top Twitter PR pros in the future.

Which PR experts on Twitter would you add to this list?

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