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Online News Releases and Email Marketing

Marketing and public relations are two sides of the same coin, and businesses of every size should be using the tactics of both to attract and retain customers.

Let’s take a look at the most common marketing tactics of small businesses. For example, e-mail marketing, which has become a major strategy, and can comprise 15-22 percent of a company’s total marketing budget, according to a survey by Small Business Trends and Hurwitz & Associates reported in December 2009.

E-mail marketing is a great tool for communicating to existing customers, or individuals who know your organization well enough and have interest in opting-in to receive your  e-mail. Your promotions, sales and offers get their attention, meet a need, and encourage them to do more business with you.  What e-mail marketing typically doesn’t do very effectively is attract the attention of new customers.

That’s where online news releases come in.

There are millions and millions of people looking  for products and services from businesses like yours.  They are looking for the business closest to their house. The most reputable.  The business that can best meet their needs. 

So where do they start?  Online -  Googling terms around what’s important to them.  This makes it important for your organization to appear in the search results for your products and services.  Online news releases are an easy way to help your organization appear in more places online and make sure that your organization is found when they search.

Because news is not promotional, Google, Yahoo! and other major search engines put news results higher in the queue. So, if you release news about your organization regularly, and include links back to your web site, or supplemental material, this will increase your appearance in search results and further improve your chances of being found. And best of all, unlike advertising (even local advertising) that is hard to target and hits a lot of people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer, your online press releases put your business directly in front of those looking for you.

So how can you use the two communication tools together to get the best results?  It’s all in the timing.  If you have a promotion – perhaps about a new product or service that you offer – think about sending a news release first.  Announce that you have a new product line. Mention that you will be offering a promotion around this new product. Then link your release back to your web site – where you can include more detail about your promotion – and provide the ability to opt-in to your mailing list.  You are now attracting new customers, bringing them to your web site, giving them information on your product and getting them on your mailing list.

At the same time, email your customers, send them the promotion.  Link them back to your web site, where they can get more information, and to your news release which will help increase the credibility of your promotion.

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