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The Inside Scoop for a PR Marketing Strategy

Speakers: Marc Harty,
Jolina Pettice, TopRank Online Marketing
Length: 1 hour

Integrated communications - it sounds good on the surface but can be hard to put into practice. Until now. What's changed? Everything. Top of the list is social media. Not the mad rush to Tweet and post and blog, but the bigger implications of what a content-driven strategy is and why it is the way to go.

Speakers Marc Harty, Editor, and Jolina Pettice, Senior Account Manager, TopRank Online Marketing will share how to: 

  • Actually achieve integrated communications - and get results doing it
  • Use the email and web marketing to drive buzz and reinforce PR efforts
  • Leverage PR to supplement online advertising, stretch budgets and boost search rankings
  • Craft powerful content that passes the "3 C's test - Consistent, Connected and Concept-Driven"
  • Combine marketing and PR efforts with real life examples to drive more success

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