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How to Write a Press Release

PRWeb's online press releases are designed to help you increase your online visibility, push your news to the top of search engines and reach millions of people. And the best part of all — it's easy to do. In fact, by simply following the steps we've outlined in this guide about how to write a press release, you can create and send your first online release today!

A PRWeb online press release provides your audience with an enhanced news experience with images, audio, video and web links, all designed to bring your release to life. Each highlighted section of this guide represents a critical feature of an online press release.

You'll also learn how to write a press release so that your news can drive valuable traffic to your website, increase your search engines rankings and appear on top news websites where millions of people go every day.

Find out How to add Google Authorship to your Press Release to  or browse PRWeb's Learning Center to find inspiration or answers to frequently asked questions.

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