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How To Practice Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Try these press release SEO tips to improve your online reputation management.

Online marketers know that high search engine rankings get your company's website in front of relevant, targeted audiences. What you don't want, as a marketer, is for bad reviews of your company to also rank highly.

Suppose a consumer is researching your used car business called ABC Used Cars. They may search using your company name to learn more about you on Google, Bing or Yahoo. If a search result titled Is ABC Used Cars another used car scam company? ranks highly, you've got a problem. Your company name and anyone searching for it may be sullied by this search result.

What to do now? Kick start an online reputation management campaign in an effort to push any negative search engine results further down the list, off of page one.

How do you accomplish this? It's content to the rescue! Use these press release SEO tips to help repair your online reputation effectively:

1. Create a release schedule using keywords.

Go on the offensive. Create a press release schedule using the keywords that rank highly for your business (think affordable used cars, trustworthy car sales, used car buying tips, etc.)

Your releases should incorporate keywords to give the release the best chance at ranking for both the phrase and your brand name. Try creating content such as:

  • Industry trend updates
  • Specific problem/solution case studies
  • Testimonials
  • How to guides

Sharing positive content isn't the only step. For this content to rank highly in searches it needs to be optimized with proper keywords and have authority. Don't post just anything - post quality, SEO friendly content.

2. Place your content on other channels.

The internet is a wealth of content and you can use multitudes of channels to your advantage, such as:

There are also a number of sites that can rank for your brand name, such as:

Successful social profiles are a great way to gain rankings for your company, so thinking outside the box by using more than just the top tier social sites can work to your advantage.

Don't let online content and press release distribution stop at your social media pages. Saturate the digital marketplace with the content from your releases on your own website, blogs and forum discussions.

Pursue other methods of content delivery such as videos and niche sites that focus on your specific business. For example, you could check out to find the top trusted used car niche sites.

3. Execute link campaigns

The process of building links is a core component to increasing search engine visibility.

Here are a few ways to start building links to your website:

Don't ignore sites that are already linking to you. Leverage your content with those keywords to keep the traffic flowing.

The more content you can create that helps searchers find you and provides valuable assistance to their search process, the higher results you want to rank will rise - and the lower those negative search results will fall. Remember, the goal here is to produce optimized copy in a variety of places and forms to increase your positive search and reputation presence.

It's true that you may not have a problem with your online reputation right now, but being proactive about it can help you ward off any potential problems in the future. Remember to always be creating optimized content and managing what shows on the first page of Google for the benefit of your company and your brand name!

  • Articles
  • Infographics/images
  • Whitepapers
  • Webinars
  • Forum discussions
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • LinkedIn
      • Google Local
      • YouTube
      • Directory submissions
      • Press release distribution
      • Article submissions

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