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Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing

Speakers: Brian Halligan, CEO, Hubspot
Byron White, President, and
Length: 1 hour

Two new marketing strategies are changing the way companies grow their business: content marketing and inbound marketing. At the heart of both is listening to customers and prospects, and giving them what they want.

In this webinar, the CEOs of HubSpot and Idealaunch will show you why it’s time to walk away from advertising and cold calling, and time to create and share relevant and interesting content about your business or industry, that can – and will – get you better leads.

You'll walk away with the knowledge to:

  • Rework the content you already have to reach a broader audience
  • Improve organic listing postions, increase traffic to your site or storefront and decrease the cost of acquiring new customers
  • Use social media to get more buzz about your business
  • Attract prospects and customers with information they want and need

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