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When Writing News Releases, Consider Audience Interests

Are you wondering how to write an effective news release? If you're writing a marketing press release for the primary purpose of driving traffic to your website, the key is to select a topic that will be of interest to your target consumers. It's likely that your products appeal to and are used by several different groups of customers, so be sure to consider the needs of each segment of your target market.

To engage in news release writing that's based on audience needs, the first thing you need to do is clearly define each segment of your target audience. Then, think about the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your target market groups. This will allow you to identify the types of issues that interest them. Once you have that information, look for ways to present information about your company that can tie your organization to their needs and concerns.

News Release Angles Based on Audience

When you're involved in news release writing for your company, part of your responsibility will be to come up with appropriate angles for news releases about the company itself and the products or services that it offers. In order to do that, it's essential to look at each aspect of your company through the eyes of different potential customer groups. Doing this can allow you to come up with new and interesting angles that you can use to create news releases aimed at different segments of your target audience.

For example, say that you're in charge of public relations for a family-owned produce store. This "XYZ store" has one location that carries only organic items from local farms. There are many ways to approach news release writing for this type of business, and the angle that you'll need to use will vary based on who you're trying to reach at any given point in time.

Audience: Parents
Angle: Tie in to a current event story about how children benefit from eating organic foods, which are available at XYZ store.

Audience: Business reporters, local farmers
Angle: XYZ store provides a lucrative market for local farmers.

Audience: Food reporters and consumers who enjoy cooking
Angle: Favorite recipes for local organic produce available from XYZ Store

Audience: Health reporters and health-conscious consumers 
Angle: Health benefits of organic produce available from XYZ Store

Audience: Restaurant owners
Angle: Success stories of restaurants serving organic produce from XYZ Store

Big Audiences and Hot Topics

  • Small Business Owners: If small business owners are in your target market, brainstorm for approaches to news release writing that will meet their needs. Small business owners tend to be concerned about cost control, how to do more with less, marketing tips, business management ideas, etc.
  • Parents: Are parents an important target customer for you? The types of angles that might capture their attention are topics that relate to raising healthy children, preparing kids for school success, saving money for college, and other related subjects.
  • Environmentally Aware Consumers: More and more people are adopting "green living" ideas into their daily personal and professional lives. They'll be interested in reducing waste, doing business with local companies, buying organic products, saving energy, etc.

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