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Are You Leveraging LinkedIn To Boost Your PR And Social Media I.Q.?

Leveraging LinkedIn To Boost Your PR And Social Media

LinkedIn is commonly recognized as a great place for networking. You can build your contact lists and expand your reach via the 135 million other folks using the channel.

But if you aren't using LinkedIn to stay on top of the PR and social media scene, you're shorting yourself and your brand.

To help you get started, check out these 15 influential and respected groups on LinkedIn:

    1. - Public Relations Society of America - follow news in your local chapter including events, discussions and industry announcements. 2. - With more than 220,000 members, this group addresses all things digital - online PR, SEO, social media and mobile PR are just the tip of the iceberg. 3. - learn from other professionals on such topics as: digital marketing, analytics, social media and mobile marketing. 4. - The largest and most active social media group on LinkedIn, with 300,000 members and 20 sub interest groups. 5. - Join discussions with digital experts on influence and the effect of conversations on traditional marketing models. 6. - A PR group that shares best practices, challenging examples and networking opportunities. 7. - Have a question about the best way to display a live Twitter feed? You'll find answers here. 8. - Managed by the eMarketing Association, this is the largest marketing network on LinkedIn with 383,000+ members. Focuses on social, email, search and web marketing. 9. - A community of pros looking to reach customers online through inbound marketing, search engine optimization and social media. 10. - More than 66,000 members share ideas on PR and social media, branding, direct marketing, search, publicity, events and mobile apps. 11. - Geared toward business marketing pros with a focus on both on- and offline practices. The social extension of B2B Marketing magazine and B2B Marketing Online. 12. - A-Z marketing tips for non-profits, including: PR, fundraising, social media and grant writing. 13. - insight into this PR sub-specialty, helping companies, individuals and organizations face public challenges to their reputations. 14. - A one stop spot for industry news, discussions on PR, social media, marketing and other communication related topics. Also a tool to network and find conferences and events. 15. - Learn about distribution strategy and search engine optimization around public relations communication.

To keep your finger on the net's PR pulse, explore these different groups and see which ones best fit your needs. Then, jump into the conversations and build your knowledge arsenal.

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