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5 PR infographics to go GaGa over

The age of the infographic is upon us in full swing. Want the latest PR trends, stats and comparisons? You can’t beat these colorful, vibrant images to inform and delight the eye and give insight into the constantly evolving world of online marketing, public relations and the channels that keep both disciplines interesting.

Here are 5 we found especially awesome:

1. How engaged is your brand? Here’s an interesting look at the opportunities the net has for your brand. This is not only nifty-looking, it has a number of elements that you can judge your own online efforts against.

It also offers a good reminder that anything you distribute on the net stays there forever. Your marketing strategies should all be designed to complement each other in building your brand’s presence on the web.

How engaged is your brand?
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2. Modern Marketing/PR Fluency Matrix. For all those small business owners and traditional PR pros, this will give you a look at where you might need to step up your Internet I.Q.

If you feel you’re lacking, subscribe to PR thought leader blogs, follow influencers on Twitter and stack resource books like The Social Media Bible next to your desk.

Modern Marketing & PR Fluency Matrix
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3. All things Facebook. This infographic is chock full of everything you could ever want to know about the social giant. Also, a good reminder that you should probably be leveraging this channel actively.

Go beyond collecting “likes” or “fans” and determine how this growing audience fits into your marketing objectives – don’t build a following just for the sake of popularity. Fine-tune your efforts to connect with the target audience for your brand.

All things Facebook
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4. Custom content distribution. This infographic illustrates a streamlined approach to an effective content marketing campaign.

With content being the ultimate internet tool, this should spur you to find more ways to use your company news, news releases, helpful information and solutions to aid buyers in their decision-making.

Custom content distribution
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5. A Strategic Approach to Using Twitter. If you haven’t considered all the ways Twitter can help your PR strategies whether connecting with journalists, prospects or both - this graphic is great to help you think beyond the tweet.

Incorporate the Follow, Create and Engage platform for all areas of your social media mix.




  • Follow thought leaders and your competition to stay on top of the latest news and trends.






  • Create content that is relevant and compelling.






  • Engage your target market with questions on your blog, participation in forums and production of webinars.




    A Strategic Approach to Using Twitter
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    Seeing information in a whole new way is a great way to stir your creative juices.

    When contemplating your own PR efforts, why not try inventing your own infographic? You may not only come up with a whole host of new ideas, your creation might just be the new darling of the infographic craze.

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