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Free Guide: 15 Digital Marketing Tactics!

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Digital marketing has made your customers, prospects and influencers more accessible than ever. With the right technology and some knowhow, you can make your marketing more effective without costing yourself extra time or money.

Our free "15 Ideas to Grow with Digital Marketing" guide - developed with the experts at MarketingProfs - provides the latest marketing best practices, tactics and strategies to help you engage your target audience and key influencers.

Discover how to do better digital marketing with:

  • Newsjacking - Create big-time buzz, earn publicity and attract customers by injecting your ideas or angles into breaking news and distributing the story.
  • Twitter Chats - Build online influence, network with customers and share key information by hosting a real-time discussion on Twitter.
  • Email Newsletters - Consistently engage customers and stay top-of-mind using emails filled with company news, helpful tips and exclusive information.
  • Local Publicity - Build relationships with industry reporters through a range of channels, including Twitter, to become a trusted source.
  • A/B Testing - Make your marketing more effective by discovering what works and what doesn’t with three easy steps to measuring your results.

Master these tactics and more. Download your free guide now!

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