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PRWeb is the world’s number one news release service[1], with an unprecedented ability to reach journalists, bloggers and potential customers. Each release is optimized to help your news get the best organic visibility possible. PRWeb also distributes your news to premium online outlets, and is sent directly to journalists and bloggers so you can be found all around the web – critical in achieving greater visibility, generating publicity and driving potential buyers back to your business.


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With PRWeb, your news will be sent within the US and around the world. So, in addition to getting your information picked up by news outlets, you can also align it to the industries and regions that matter most to your business. We've got a package that will fit your needs.

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PRWeb is committed to staying current with search marketing best practices so your news can reach a wider audience.  Your release will be submitted to search engines and is equipped with social sharing features to help your news spread across the social web.

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PRWeb can help get your news on social networks, where customers share stories about the businesses they buy from. As the most socially-shared release service in the industry[3], PRWeb is your first stop for generating extra reach and going viral through social media.

Get Press Coverage

Get More Publicity With Top Media Outlets

If securing press coverage is your aim, PRWeb’s your game. Depending on the package you choose, you can reach top media outlets like the Associated Press and leading publications like the New York Times. Our list covers everything from local to global, business press to trades, and even your hometown newspaper. With PRWeb, you can build a recognizable brand and attract new customers all while securing unbiased, third-party press coverage.

As a result of our campaign, we have been featured on just about every automotive related blog as well as classic and performance car sites. We also generated coverage in some of the biggest industry magazines including Popular Mechanics and Hot Rod and created consumer buzz about the Corvette boat that is still going on.      

- Amy Mauzy, PR Manager,
Malibu Boats

We were contacted by both the FOX and the CBS affiliates... and were on the front page of the Chicago Tribune. PRWeb got us in the media within one day.      

- Jessica MacWithey,
Menus That Talk

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